Lost Dog Glass

$350.00 USD

1000mL Steam Distillation Kit

Image of 1000mL Steam Distillation Kit

Used for the extraction of essential oils from organic matter, our 1000mL still is made in house from high quality, heavy walled borosilicate glass.

Sure, you can find cheaper glassware and sometimes that fits the bill but if quality and craftsmanship are important to you, try Lost Dog Glassware, apparatus with substance and style!

- GL14 Threads and Barbs
- 1000mL 2-neck Boiling Flask with plug (24/40)
- 1000mL Filling Flask (24/40 & 40/38)
- Distillation head (40/38 & 24/40)
- 250mm Allihn Condenser (24/40)
- Receiver/SeperatoryFunnel (24/40)
- Includes metal/plastic Keck clips